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Revised Access and Work Area drawing




As expected the month of April has been very busy. Final shoreline protection of rip rap stone and armourstone has been completed on the fishing node. More core filling is required to bring the node up to the final grade. The fishing node measures 12m by 22m and when completed will include an accessible walkway. This month, 815 tonnes of rip rap material was delivered to the site. The west breakwater core filling was extended 150 metres with rip rap shoreline protection getting underway. Also this month, the first stage of dredging operations began. Work will continue into the month of May. Sand material is being removed from the channel onto barges, then loaded onto trucks, and finally graded along the existing beach on the west spit. This month, approximately 874 cubic metres of sand was removed from the channel.

If you have been down to the site lately, you may have noticed that the large stockpile of woody crib material is gone. Using a large tub grinder, this material was transformed into landscaping mulch and transported off-site. In addition, you may have noticed that beach clean up and the removal of debris and stones continued on the west spit.

Fishing node

View from new shoreline of fishing node, looking south.

More core filling to be undertaken inside fishing node.

Rip rap placement on the west breakwater.

Dredging operations underway in the channel.

 A full barge of sand is moved to the west side of channel.

Off-loading of dredged sand material from barge to truck.

Beach grading of sand removed from the channel.

Stone stockpile from crib removal to be reused.

Current limit of work area along the beach.



Construction Progress Drawing


Core filling is complete and rip rap placement is underway on the new west breakwater. Submerged cribs are still being excavated.

Temporary navigation markers have been installed in the channel while construction continues. 



Other Dredging Operations

Frenchman's Bay boat clubs have joined together to undertake necessary maintenance dredging to provide safe navigation within the bay.



Pickering Rouge Canoe Club


Boating season is underway with the start of regular operations of the Pickering Rouge Canoe Club. Please note that the club area is surrounded by a security fence. This area includes boat storage and a seasonal portable toilet and is to be accessed only by Pickering Rouge Canoe Club members.


City of Pickering - Park Operations


City of Pickering, recognizing the needs of park users, has agreed to install a portable toilet for public use this summer season. The portable toilet will be installed near the boat launch area.

Now that the warm weather is finally upon us, it is going to be very busy getting to the park. Please be extra vigilante when accessing the park, whether on foot or in a vehicle. Please remember that material delivery will continue throughout the spring and summer season and that vehicle parking must not obstruct access to the construction site or to the boat club area.